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Looking for solutions purpose-built for PE?  You've come to the right place.  Blending key elements of the Growth Playbook with our Private Equity experience, we enhance the brilliance of our PE clients and their teams.  From diligence through the entire portfolio company lifecycle, we’ve got your back.  Let’s make some magic together.

Private Equity Offerings


The first step in any great deal is solid diligence.  We bring analytical rigor, objective thinking and subject-matter expertise to help guide your most important decisions.

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It’s easy to get lost in the details.  Let us help you step back and see the wide road ahead, with expansive thinking for growth opportunities and a tightly defined post-acquisition agenda.

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Bring your investment thesis to life, with a clear roadmap for action, sharp KPIs + the right people in the right roles to deliver.  Identify pitfalls proactively, ensuring a smooth journey forward.




If your growth plan hinges on an innovative new model or a fresh new product, you’ll need a bold brand strategy to bring it to life.  We can guide you on every step of the adventure.




Sometimes a legacy leadership team needs guidance from an outside advisor to help them align their priorities with your fund’s vision.  We’re adept at partnering with execs to stick the landing.

Relevant Case Studies

Due diligence in the beauty industry

When a PE firm needed rich insights into their target's key channel, Renegade leveraged our ninja-like research skills, broad network of experts and deep subject-matter expertise to create a clear vision for the future – enabling the PE firm to bid with confidence.


Investment strategy for a large media co.

When a large family-held media company wanted to diversify its portfolio, we crafted a tight investment strategy and performed due diligence on 100+ potential targets, eventually selecting a handful of stellar ventures to enrich the client’s offerings.


Brand identity for a PE-backed CPG co.

When a PE-backed portfolio company opted to turn its B2B flour commodity into a direct-to-consumer product suite, Renegade stepped in to craft its brand position, develop an eye-popping visual identity and build a high-octane launch plan for the venture.

Our Private Equity Strike Team
Dara 3.jpg

DARA PAUKER  |  Diligence Doyenne + Subject-Matter Maestro

Trained in Bain’s PE group, Dara has conducted strategic due diligence for leading PE and consulting firms + public companies.   Added bonus: she’s held GM + leadership roles at PE portfolio companies.

Industry Expertise:  Retail  |  Apparel  |  Footwear  |  Home  |  Beauty  |  E-Commerce

Bona Fides:  Bain & Company  |  Liz Claiborne  |  Jones Apparel Group  |  Wharton  |  Harvard


DEREK ROBINSON  |  Strategic Growth Sherpa + Excel Aficionado

Building on his Bain training, Derek is adept at doing targeted diligence + crafting big, bold growth strategies for his PE-backed clients.  He also loves a good data room.

Industry Expertise:  Media + Entertainment  |  Travel + Leisure  |  Consumer Packaged Goods

Bona Fides:  Bain & Company  |  Cox Media Group  |  The Coca-Cola Company  |  Wharton x 2


ELENA CHANG  |  Brand Strategy Guru + Creative Mastermind

Leveraging her experience with some of the biggest names in marketing, Elena is skilled at crafting data-driven brand positions and soul-stirring creative for her PE clients. 

Industry Expertise:  Consumer Packaged Goods  |  Food + Beverage  |  Restaurants

Bona Fides:  Georgia-Pacific  |  Campbell Soup Company  |  Chick-fil-A  |  Columbia  |  Wharton

The Renegade Difference

At our core, Renegade shares its DNA with the world's top advisory firms – deep subject-matter expertise, a robust toolkit built from years of experience, and skills honed at the top b-schools, consulting houses and Fortune 500s.  But it’s our differences that separate us from the pack…


Rapid-fire projects welcome

Deals move fast.  And your team needs answers yesterday in order to drive your decisions.  Our engagements are designed to deliver critical insights in as little as two weeks.  Let's roll!


Highly experienced operators

In addition to our consulting prowess, all Renegades have spent 10+ years as business operators.  We understand the challenges you face because we've lived them firsthand.


Engagement model flexibility

Whether you need someone to own your initiative outright or you’re simply looking for a bit of targeted expertise, our agile model allows us to craft a scope that works for you.


Efficient project economics

Renegade is not a typical consulting firm - which means that our rates don't need to factor in a lot of expensive overhead.  You only pay for our time directly.  A sage investment.

Want to talk shop?  Email to get the ball rolling.

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