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Renegade Launches with a Bang

Newly-launched Renegade Consulting Collective turns the traditional consulting model on its head

Independent consultants from top business schools and consulting firms band together to launch a unique collective offering industry-leading insights via a nimble—and affordable—model.

On the surface, the newly launched Renegade Consulting Collective looks like your typical consulting firm: a team of MBAs from top business schools (like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton) who put in time at leading firms (like Bain and BCG) as well as sector-leading corporations and social enterprises. However, a peek under the hood reveals something unexpected.

“At our core, Renegade shares its DNA with the world's top consulting firms,” said Renegade’s Founder, Derek Robinson. “But our unconventional model separates us from the rest of the pack by allowing us to bring together a team of top-performing innovators from across the country to lead short- to medium-term consulting projects for corporations and social-impact organizations. By eschewing many aspects of the traditional consulting model – from office spaces to support staff to significant travel budgets – we are also able to lower costs while increasing flexibility and accelerating impact.

The Renegade team has a few other important differences up their collective sleeves, including:

A focus on meaningful work. In this uncertain era, the members of the Renegade collective leverage their decades of experience to focus on meaningful work. Whether that means the most challenging business questions or opportunities focused on social impact, these projects center on driving tangible change.

A model that responds to changing times. While many corporations reduce full time headcounts, Renegade has curated a cadre of executive-level consultants to fill this void. As corporations restructure and evolve, this model works well for both consultants and clients.

A value proposition that lowers costs and speeds results. Renegade consultants aren’t figureheads overseeing the work of junior associates; all work is done by seasoned executives with 10+ years of industry leadership. Clients only pay for consultants’ time, not the annual partner retreat in Prague.

A team of 'Impact Superheroes' with expertise in three key areas. Renegades team pulls together a cadre of all-around business athletes focused on three focused practice areas: strategy + innovation, social impact, and brand + marketing. Recognizing that diversity also drives powerful thinking, Renegade team members reflect backgrounds often under-represented in corporate boardrooms. To see a sample of Renegade consultant bios click here.

“For all kinds of good reasons both consultants and business leaders are now questioning many of the premises we considered to be sacrosanct for so long. And we think this is a very good thing,” said Chandler Arnold, Renegade's Co-Founder. “We envision an entirely new consulting model, one that focuses on driving measurable impact for meaningful projects while still allowing our people to show up in their personal lives in the ways they need to. The truth is that this has always been important; but never more than now.”

To learn more about Renegade, contact the team at

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