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The Playbook

A bold story, powerfully told, can generate massive waves - but nothing good comes easily.  It takes vision, guts, creativity and a structured plan to make it happen.  So we developed the Renegade Playbook to guide you along the journey.

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Strategy + Objectives

How's this for a paradox?  A great story starts with a powerful ending.  So let’s define success in unequivocal terms.  Get funded?  Impress your board?  Inspire a team?  Change minds?  Drive a decision?  Look great on stage?  (That’s valid.  Really.)  Nailing this part of the journey will lay the foundation for everything else to come.

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Structure + Storyboard

Now that we know our destination, we chart a course to get there.  What data would be most persuasive?  What stories most resonant?  What biases need to be challenged?  And how do we architect it all in a way that’s clear, concise and compelling?  Warning: This step typically involves lots of whiteboarding & an obscene supply of Post-Its.

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Content + Analysis

With the storyboard in place, it’s time to fill in the details.  Bring your own content to bear or tap into our brilliant researchers & data analysts to craft a decisive business case.   And when you’ve had your fill of charts & graphs, we can help you weave in potent examples and anecdotes to tell your story from a human-centered perspective.

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Creative Design

This is the fun part.  A bold story demands a vivid look.  So we create a style guide – color palette, shapes, fonts and imagery – to reflect your company & your ideas.  We develop iconography (like the ones you see here) and potentially craft your own lingo.  Then we bring the entire thing to life, going from stodgy black & white to full blown Technicolor. 

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Refinement + Narration

Even the best laid plans can use a little tweaking.  And here’s the cool thing about working in PowerPoint – it ain’t stone-carving.  We can easily edit, swap, shift and refine until your story is pure perfection.  We’ll also co-create a powerful talk-track for your Big Day – a narrative tapestry that stirs hearts and moves minds.  It’s show time!

The Tao of Renegade

After two decades crafting powerful stories for intrepid leaders, we start to see patterns emerge.  And over time, those patterns become guiding principles that shape the way we work.  The truths we hold to be self-evident.  These are the words we live by, and they're at the core of everything we do at Renegade.

We'd  love to chat more.  Give us a shout and let's get into it!

Start with the end in mind

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  A great story starts with a powerful ending.  All of our journeys begin with a clear definition of your eventual goals – then work backwards.

Everything communicates

If content is king, then presentation is queen.  Messages are infinitely more impactful when delivered in a bold, graphically alluring way.  And folks dig ‘em.  Gorgeous slides for everyone!

Structure for clarity

No matter how smart they are, people are loathe to embrace something they don’t understand – so our narratives are structured to deliver optimal clarity for everyone in the room.

Kill your darlings

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your nearly-finished narrative may require merciless editing – particularly if a beloved anecdote or stat veers wildly off-course.  We got you.

Passion drives; data reigns

The best stories – particularly those told in board rooms – artfully balance authentic passion with bulletproof data.    We make sure that you have the perfect balance of both elements.

We're building the Best You

When all is said and done, your story should look & feel like the very best version of you – not some composite that your advisors cooked up in a lab.  (This really is our #1 rule!)

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