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The Team

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Our Chief Storyteller

Meet Derek Robinson.  For nearly two decades, he’s helped intrepid leaders tell powerful stories on stages big and small.

As a consultant at Bain & Company, Derek crafted data-driven arcs that fueled ambitious growth plans.  As a Strategy leader at Cox Media Group, he harnessed structured narratives to help executives drive decisions, impress their Board and dazzle on the Main Stage.  And as a longtime mentor for Techstars, Derek continues to help passionate startup founders bring their funding pitches to life.  Renegade is the culmination of his storytelling journey.

Derek is a huge fan of global cooking, adventurous travel and early cocktail hours.  He holds a BS Economics and an MBA, both from The Wharton School of Business.  You can learn more about him on LinkedIn  - or reach out and we’ll put you in touch.

The Renegade Difference

DEEP C-SUITE EXPERIENCE.  As external consultants and internal advisors, we’ve sat at the right hand of C-Suite leaders.  We’ve presented in boardrooms, wrangled execs and grappled with red tape.  We know where you are, because we’ve walked in your shoes.

STARTUP SAVVY.  We got our start evaluating potential investments for VCs and private equity shops, so we’ve seen a LOT of pitch decks in our day – and we know what separates the good from the bad.  We’re also best of friends with Techstars, a leading startup accelerator.

LEFT BRAIN LOGIC, RIGHT BRAIN RHYTHM.  We're all-around business storytellers, who are just as comfortable in Excel as we are in PowerPoint.  That means that we can be your one-stop-shop, taking you from idea inception to full-blown impact in the blink of an eye.

FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENT MODELS.  Whether you just need one piece of the puzzle or the whole enchilada, we're absurdly agile and can craft a scope that works for you.  We thrive on rapid-fire work, with projects designed to drive results in as little as two weeks.  Let's roll!

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Our Origin Story

We got our start in the Corporate World, where PowerPoint was a necessary evil.  Sure, slide decks could inform.  But they were also dull, meandering, confusing and – quite frankly – uninspiring.  


We knew there had to be a better way.  The showmen among us began to push the boundaries.  Our stories became bolder, brighter, simpler.  Beyond the pretty slides, people became spellbound by the content.  They lauded the clean story structure, the plain language, the rich data, the personal tales, the bold graphics, the dash of rebellion.  They were putting down their phones and closing their laptops to actually listen.  And to engage.  


Our stories were making things happen.  Deals were getting done.  Decisions were made.  Ideas were funded.  Hearts were melted.  Minds were changed.  Like Dorothy waking up in Oz, everything was shining a whole lot brighter.  


Soon, the people around us took notice.  They asked for our help.  Executives presenting to their boards.  Startup founders pitching their investors.  Leaders aligning their teams.  Luminaries presenting on the Main Stage.  This was becoming a thing.  And we were good at it.


And so Renegade was born.  An agency forged in the fires of distinguished business schools and consulting houses, and refined in the Technicolor sandbox of audacity.


Renegade.  Powerful stories for intrepid leaders.

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